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April 16, 2015


Once again it is time to give your home a good cleaning for the arrival of Spring! We always look forward to defunking and dejunking our homes as the days get longer and the sunshine starts rolling in. This year we can't get enough of our amazing E-Cloths to get the job done. 


Spritz a little water on stainless-steel and wipe clean with your dry E-Cloth for smudge-free, polished surfaces that shine!

E-Cloths are an absolute essential when it comes to home care. E-Cloths are made with a unique material (1.6 million fibers per square inch!) that plows through any mess with no residue or smears left behind. Simply pick up the right E-Cloth for the job, add a little water and wipe away grime and over 99% of bacteria from any surface in your home. 


The best part? E-Cloths require nothing more than water to get the job done. You will save money on expensive cleaning products and can kiss dangerous chemicals goodbye! E-Cloths are allergy friendly, reusable (up to 300 washes!) and perfect for keeping your home tidy year-round. Real Simple and Good Housekeeping have both given rave reviews of E-Cloths!


Use your E-Cloth damp to cut through greasy sink buildup...the Scrubbing Pocket is perfect for scratch-free scouring!

E-Cloths are available at County Cork in Single- and Multi-Packs with varieties for Kitchen, Glass, Shower, Bathroom, Window, Dusting, Range and Stovetop, Polishing, and General Purpose. Each pack comes with simple instructions for use and care to ensure top results every time. Be sure to swing into The Cork to pick up your own E-Cloths today!


Use your E-Cloth dry for perfect, chemical-free dusting in just one swipe!